Accurate Activity Tracking with Moto 360 Gen 3

Accurate Activity Tracking with Moto 360 Gen 3

The Moto 360 (Gen 3) is equipped with advanced features like an in-built GPS sensor and a barometric altimeter, offering seamless activity tracking without the need for your phone.

Tips for Optimal GPS Performance:

To ensure accurate activity tracking and expedite GPS functions, consider the following:

1. Clear Sky Visibility:
   - Ensure a direct line of sight to the sky for optimal GPS performance.
2. Avoid Obstructions:
   - Stay away from large structures or obstacles that may hinder GPS signals.
3. Quick GPS Acquisition:
   - For faster GPS acquisition, temporarily remove the watch from your wrist and hold it until the GPS is successfully acquired.

These tips enhance the overall accuracy and efficiency of your Moto 360 Gen 3 in tracking your various activities.
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