Blocking and Unblocking App Notifications on Moto360

Blocking and Unblocking App Notifications on Moto360

Blocking App Notifications:

If you wish to prevent notifications from a specific app on your Moto360, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Notification Window:
   - Swipe right from the left end of the screen to open the notification window.
2. Block Notification:
   - Hold the message for a few seconds until the "Block Notification" option appears.
   - Select "Block Notification" to prevent notifications from that app.

Unblocking App Notifications:

To reverse the blocking setting and allow notifications again, follow these steps:

1. Access App Notifications:
   - Swipe down on the watch face from the top end.
2. Navigate to App Notifications:
   - Tap on "Apps & notifications" > "App notifications."
3. Select Specific App:
   - Choose "Show all" to view the list of apps.
   - Locate the app you want to change notification settings for.
4. Enable Notifications:
   - Enable the app that was previously blocked to allow message alerts.

By following these steps, you can easily manage which apps send notifications to your Moto360, giving you control over your watch's alerts.

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