Customizing Shortcut Button Functions on Your Moto Watch 100

Customizing Shortcut Button Functions on Your Moto Watch 100

The lowest physical button on your Moto Watch 100 serves as a customizable shortcut button, allowing you to tailor its function to your preferences. By default, this button takes you to the "Activity List" for quickly starting an exercise. However, you can easily change this behavior to access a feature that suits your needs more efficiently.

Follow these steps to customize the shortcut button:

1. Activate Your Watch Display: Tilt your wrist or tap the top physical button to turn on the watch display.
2. Access the Shortcut Button Settings:
   - From the watch face, tap the top physical button once again.
   - Tap on "Settings."
3. Navigate to Shortcut Button Settings:
   - Scroll down the Settings menu and locate "Key."
   - Tap on "Key" to enter the shortcut button settings.
4. Select Your Preferred Function:
   - Within the shortcut button settings, choose the widget or feature you'd like the bottom button to link to.
   - Whenever you press the lowest physical button (outside an active activity session), it will now direct you to this chosen feature.

Pro Tip: If you ever wish to revert to the default settings, simply repeat the above steps and select "Activities" as the feature, restoring the original shortcut button function.

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