Customizing Your Motowatch 100 Screen Timeout

Customizing Your Motowatch 100 Screen Timeout

The Screen Timeout feature on your Motowatch 100 is a nifty tool designed to help conserve battery life by automatically turning off the screen after a specified period of inactivity. To personalize this duration to your liking, here's how you can make the necessary adjustments:

1. Press the Top Button: Begin by pressing the top button on your Motowatch 100 to access the main menu.
2. Select Settings: Navigate through the menu options and choose "Settings" to access the watch's configuration options.
3. Choose Display: Within the Settings menu, look for and select the "Display" option. This will lead you to screen-related settings.
4. Access Screen Timeout: In the Display settings, you'll find an option labeled "Screen Timeout." Select this option to proceed.
5. Set Your Preferred Duration: A list of different time intervals in seconds will be displayed. Simply tap on the time duration that matches your preference for when the screen should automatically turn off.

By following these easy steps, you can tailor the screen timeout on your Motowatch 100 to suit your needs, helping you strike a balance between screen visibility and battery conservation.
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