Customizing Your Watch Face on Moto Watch 70

Customizing Your Watch Face on Moto Watch 70

Your Moto Watch 70 allows for personalization with a variety of available watch faces. Here's how you can change your watch face with two simple methods:

Method 1: From the Watch Face

1. Start by long-pressing the touch screen while you're viewing the watch face.
2. You'll feel a vibration, and the watch will display a zoomed-out view of the watch face.
3. Swipe left and right to browse through different watch face styles.
4. Once you've chosen a style, simply tap the watch face to apply it.

Method 2: Using Settings

1. Begin from the watch face, and swipe down to access the quick settings.
2. Tap on the settings icon.
3. In the settings menu, select "Watchface."
4. The watch will vibrate and display a zoomed-out view of the watch face.
5. Swipe left and right to explore different styles.
6. When you find a style you like, tap the watch face to set it as your new watch face.

These straightforward methods allow you to customize your Moto Watch 70 with a watch face that matches your style and preferences. Enjoy the versatility of your watch!
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