Dealing with Late or Non-Delivered Orders

Dealing with Late or Non-Delivered Orders

We understand the frustration when your order doesn't arrive as expected, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Here's what you can do if your order is late or hasn't been delivered:

Check Shipping Confirmation:
If you've received a shipping confirmation via email but your order has not arrived after 10 days from the shipping date, and there are no customs issues or holds, we recommend contacting the courier delivery service assigned to your shipment directly.

We collaborate with the following US carriers to ensure the efficient delivery of your items:

Carrier Tracking Information Contact Information
UPSPhone: 1-800-742-5877
US Postal ServicePhone: 1-800-222-1811
AmazonVisit Deliveries Shipped with Amazon
DHL ExpressPhone: 1-800-225-5345
FedExPhone: 1-800-463-3339

Our Partnered Carriers (International):
Canada PostPhone: +44 (0) 3457 740 740
Royal MailPhone: +1-866-607-6301
GLS Group EUContact Form
PostAGPhone: +43 800-010-100

Please note that in some cases, national carriers may utilize regional carriers for final delivery. This might result in discrepancies in your tracking information, as it may not be accurately updated on the national carrier's website.

Contacting Us for Assistance:

If, after contacting the courier, you require further assistance or resolution, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. When reaching out, be as detailed as possible about the issue you're facing. Additionally, attach any communications or correspondence you've had with the courier. This will enable us to expedite the resolution process and ensure your order reaches you as soon as possible.

We are committed to resolving this issue promptly and ensuring you receive your order without any further delays. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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