Electronic Labels and Radio Frequency (RF) Energy

Electronic Labels and Radio Frequency (RF) Energy

Your safety is a top priority, and your Moto Watch incorporates important features to ensure your well-being. Here's what you need to know about electronic labels and radio frequency (RF) energy:

Electronic Label:
- Your watch displays an electronic label that provides essential regulatory information about the device. To access the electronic label, follow these steps:
   1. Tap the watch screen.
   2. Press the top physical button.
   3. Navigate to "Settings."
   4. Select "About."

Radio Frequency (RF) Energy Exposure:
- Your watch is equipped with a transmitter and receiver of RF energy. It's designed to comply with regulatory requirements that pertain to human RF exposure. To ensure optimal device performance and remain within RF exposure guidelines, follow these guidelines:

Wearing Your Watch:
- Wear your watch as instructed in the user's guide to maintain compliance with RF exposure regulations.

Interference Precautions:
- To prevent interference problems, heed these instructions:
   - Turn off your watch in locations where posted notices explicitly advise you to do so, such as hospitals or healthcare facilities.
   - While on an aircraft, switch off your watch when directed to do so by airline staff. It's advisable to consult airline staff before using Airplane mode.

Your safety and adherence to regulatory requirements are of paramount importance. These precautions ensure that you can enjoy your Moto Watch while maintaining safety and compliance with RF exposure guidelines.
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