Enabling Google Assistant on Moto360

Enabling Google Assistant on Moto360

Activation Steps:

1. Long-press the Crown Button:
   - Press and hold the top button, known as the crown, until the Moto360 vibrates, and the Google Assistant screen appears.
2. Click the Microphone Button:
   - On the Google Assistant screen, tap the microphone button to initiate voice input.
3. Give a Command or Ask a Question:
   - Clearly articulate your command or question after activating the microphone to interact with Google Assistant.

Alternative Wake Words:
   - Instead of long-pressing the crown, use wake words like **"OK Google" or "Hey Google"** to activate Google Assistant.

Note: The Crown refers to the top button located at the side of the watch.

Capabilities of Google Assistant:

Google Assistant on Moto360 offers a range of functionalities:

- Control timers, alarms, and reminders
- Sync with calendars, emails, and personal tools
- Retrieve online information, including news and directions
- Real-time translation of text
- Read updates aloud
- Control other devices in a smart home
- Send messages or schedule appointments
- Launch installed apps

Understanding these capabilities enhances the effectiveness of Google Assistant on your Moto360 smartwatch.
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