Enjoying SiriusXM on Your Moto 360

Enjoying SiriusXM on Your Moto 360

The Moto 360 opens up a world of possibilities, including the ability to enjoy SiriusXM, your go-to destination for premier audio entertainment. Here's a quick guide on how to make the most of SiriusXM on your Moto 360:

SiriusXM Compatibility:
- The Moto 360 is equipped to support SiriusXM, providing you with a seamless audio experience on your wrist.

Installation Steps:
1. Install the SiriusXM App:
   - Head to the Google Play Store on your paired Android device.
   - Search for "SiriusXM" and install the official SiriusXM app.

2. Pair Moto 360 with Phone:
   - Ensure your Moto 360 is paired and connected to your Android device.

3. Launch SiriusXM on Moto 360:
   - Swipe through your apps on Moto 360 to find and launch the SiriusXM app.

4. Sign In or Create an Account:
   - If you have an existing SiriusXM account, sign in.
   - New users can create an account directly through the app.

5. Explore Channels and Enjoy:
   - Once signed in, explore the array of channels available on SiriusXM.
   - Select your favorite channels, shows, or stations to start enjoying high-quality audio content.

- Ensure that your Moto 360 and Android device have a stable and active connection to access SiriusXM seamlessly.

Additional Tips:
- Consider connecting Bluetooth headphones or speakers to enhance your audio experience.
- Customize your channel lineup and preferences within the SiriusXM app for a personalized listening experience.

With SiriusXM on your Moto 360, you can enjoy a diverse range of music, talk shows, news, and more, directly from your wrist. For any troubleshooting or specific app-related inquiries, refer to the SiriusXM support resources or get in touch with our customer service. Happy listening!
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