Heart Rate Tracking on Moto360 (Gen 3): A Comprehensive Guid

Heart Rate Tracking on Moto360 (Gen 3): A Comprehensive Guid


The Moto 360 (Gen 3) smartwatch, equipped with a sophisticated heart rate sensor and the Google Fit fitness application, offers users a comprehensive solution for tracking physical activity, calories burned, and heart rate. Here's a detailed guide on how to access the Google Fit application and maximize the accuracy of heart rate tracking.

Heart Rate Tracking Features:

The heart rate sensor, located behind the Moto 360, works in tandem with the Google Fit app to measure various health metrics, including heart rate, physical activity, and calories burned. The heart point indicator, displayed as a green ring along the bezel, visually represents the intensity of physical activity.

- Activities like brisk walking or jogging earn one heart point per minute.
- More vigorous exercises, such as sprinting, contribute two points per minute.

Accessing the Google Fit Application:

1. Using Google Assistant:
   - Double-tap the center of the watch from the time screen to activate Google Assistant.
   - Voice command: "Open Google Fit application."
   - Sign in to access the app's features.
2. Navigation Shortcut:
   - Swipe left from the right end of the home screen until the Google Fit app is visible (usually after two swipes).
   - Tap on the app icon to open the heart rate tracking window.
3. Standard Application Search:
   - Press the top button on the side of the watch.
   - Scroll through the app list and select the Google Fit application icon.

Essential Tips for Accurate Heart Rate Tracking:

For precise and reliable heart rate tracking, consider the following tips:
1. Optimal Strap Usage:
   - Use the provided silicone strap for optimal tracking accuracy.
2. Proper Watch Placement:
   - Wear the watch approximately two fingers' distance from your wrist bone.
3. Secure and Comfortable Fit:
   - Ensure the strap is securely fastened without restricting movement or blood flow.

By following these tips and utilizing the various methods to access the Google Fit application, Moto360 (Gen 3) users can enjoy accurate and insightful heart rate tracking for a more informed approach to their fitness journey.

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