Mastering Wrist Gestures on Your Moto 360 (Gen 3)

Mastering Wrist Gestures on Your Moto 360 (Gen 3)

Harness the power of wrist gestures on your Moto 360 (Gen 3) to effortlessly navigate notifications and interact with your smartwatch without laying a finger on the screen. This guide will walk you through activating, deactivating, and making the most of this convenient feature.

Activating or Deactivating Wrist Gestures:

1. Access Quick Settings:
   - Swipe down on the watch face to reveal the Quick Settings menu.
2. Navigate to Gesture Settings:
   - Tap the Settings icon, then select "Gestures."
3. Toggle Wrist Gestures:
   - Within the Gestures menu, locate "Wrist Gestures" and choose between ON or OFF based on your preference.
4. Launch Tutorial:
   - For a deeper understanding of hand gestures, tap "Launch Tutorial" to access additional information.

Note on Power Consumption:
   - Be aware that while this feature enhances usability, it may lead to slightly faster battery drain.

How to Use Wrist Gestures:

1. Waking Up the Screen:
   - Tilt the watch face towards you to wake up the screen, activating the wrist gesture feature.
2. Opening the Notification Page:
   - Flick your wrist outwards, then slowly turn it back towards you to seamlessly open the notification page.
3. Scrolling Through Notifications:
   - To view the next message, flick your wrist quickly away from you, then turn it back slowly towards yourself.
   - For scrolling back upwards, turn your wrist towards yourself slowly and then flick it away quickly.
4. Explore More Shortcuts:
   - Visit the Wear OS by Google support page for a comprehensive list of wrist gesture shortcuts and unleash the full potential of your Moto 360.

Mastering wrist gestures on your Moto 360 (Gen 3) opens up a world of hands-free convenience. Take control of your notifications with simple, intuitive movements, and explore additional shortcuts to make your smartwatch experience even more efficient.
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