Moto 360 Not Turning On: Troubleshooting Guide

Moto 360 Not Turning On: Troubleshooting Guide

If your Moto 360 is unresponsive and won't turn on, follow these steps to identify and resolve the issue:

1. Check Your Watch's Hardware:
   - Use the original charging cable, power adapter, and cradle.
   - Remove any plastic packaging on the watch.
   - Ensure the charging pins on the watch and cradle are clean.
   - Check for bent charging pins and remove any dust from the micro USB port.

2. Turn On Your Watch While Connected to Power:
   - Allow your watch to charge for at least 15 minutes.
   - Attempt to turn on the watch.

3. Use a Different Wall Outlet:
   - Try a different wall outlet and repeat the process.

4. Factory Reset (Last Resort):
   - Perform a factory reset if the issue persists.
     - Press and hold both buttons on the watch to turn it on. A black screen with white and red text will appear if done correctly.
     - Hold the crown button until it shows "Recovery mode" on the screen.
     - Hold the crown button until the screen darkens, and it will reset to a different mode.
     - Swipe up and select "Wipe data/factory reset."
     - Press the crown button to reset.

Note: A factory reset will remove all data and restore your device to default settings.

We appreciate your cooperation, and our support team is here to assist you throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

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