Navigating with Your Moto Watch 70

Navigating with Your Moto Watch 70

Your Moto Watch 70 features a responsive LCD touch screen and a single side button located on the right-hand side of the watch. Here's a breakdown of how to navigate your watch:

Touch Screen Navigation:

You can effortlessly interact with the screen by swiping in different directions. By default, the watch will display the watch face.

- Swipe Down from the watch face to check the battery level and access the quick settings screen.
- Swipe Up from the watch face to access notifications.
- Swipe Left and/or Right to explore various app widgets, including steps, distance, calories burned, body temperature, heart rate, sleep data, weather, breathing exercises, music control, and the menu.

Button Navigation:
The side button can be used for specific functions:

- Long Press the button (more than 3 seconds) when the watch is off to power it on.
- Long Press the button (more than 3 seconds) when the watch is on to trigger the turn-off prompt screen for powering off the watch.
- Short Press the button when the watch is on but the screen is off to turn the screen back on.
- During an activity, a short press of the button will prompt the pause activity screen, allowing you to pause the current activity.

This intuitive navigation system makes it easy for you to access and control various features on your Moto Watch 70.
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