Organizing App Order on Moto 360

Organizing App Order on Moto 360

Customizing the order of apps on your Moto 360 is a breeze. Follow these steps to arrange your favorite apps and control the app menu order:

1. Press and Hold App Icon:
   - Locate the app icon you want to move.
   - Press and hold the app icon until it becomes interactive.
2. Adjust App Order:
   - While holding the app icon, move it to your desired position in the menu.
   - Release the icon to confirm its new placement.
3. Recently Opened Apps:
   - Note that recently opened apps automatically migrate to the top of the menu.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly personalize the arrangement of apps on your Moto 360, ensuring that your most-used applications are conveniently positioned for quick and easy access.

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