Receiving and Managing Notifications on Your Moto Watch 70

Receiving and Managing Notifications on Your Moto Watch 70

Your Moto Watch 70 is designed to streamline the notification process for your convenience. Here's how it works:

Notification Alert:
- Whenever your connected mobile device sends a notification, your Moto Watch vibrates to alert you.
- The watch screen will automatically display the notification content for a duration of 10 seconds.

Managing Notifications:
- To hide the notification and save it for later, you have several options:
  - Swipe from left to right.
  - Short press the physical button.
  - Simply wait for the display to turn off.
Accessing Notifications Later:
- You can access all your notifications at a later time (except during an ongoing activity) by swiping up from the watch face.
- Tapping on a notification will display the complete text and additional details.
- To return to the notification list, swipe from left to right.

Notification Limit:
- Your Moto Watch can store up to 10 recent notifications. When this limit is reached, the oldest notification will be automatically deleted each time a new one arrives.

Manual Clearing:
- To manually clear a notification, follow these simple steps:
   1. Tap on the notification you want to remove.
   2. Swipe from left to right to clear the notification from your list.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your notification list organized and ensure that you don't miss out on important updates on your Moto Watch 70.

With this notification system, your Moto Watch 70 ensures you never miss important updates while offering convenient ways to manage them on the go.
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