Resolving Factory Mode on Your Moto Watch (QR Code Error)

Resolving Factory Mode on Your Moto Watch (QR Code Error)

If you encounter a QR code on your Moto Watch's display, it's an indication that your watch has entered "Factory Mode." This mode doesn't impact your watch's settings or functionality, but it does require you to take action to dismiss it. Factory Mode, however, can initiate a factory data reset, erasing all your data from the watch. The good news is that any data synced within your Moto Wear App Account can be restored.

To disable Factory Mode and regain control of your watch, please follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to the Watch Face: Press the top button on your watch to return to the watch face.
2. Access Quick Settings: Swipe down on the watch screen to access the quick settings menu.
3. Enter the Factory Menu: Swipe down again to access the factory menu.
4. Select Factory Options: Look for and select the "Factory Options" within the menu.
5. Choose the Correct Option: Scroll down four swipes until you see an option at the bottom that says "shutdown." Ensure that you select the option at the bottom, not the one in the middle.
6. Factory Reset: Your watch will commence a factory reset and shut down. Wait for about 3 seconds and then press the top physical button until the watch turns on again.
7. Remove Watch from Bluetooth Settings: On your paired phone, remove the watch from the Bluetooth settings.
8. Re-Pair with Moto Watch App: Finally, re-pair your watch with the Moto Watch app to restore its full functionality and data.

By following these straightforward steps, you can swiftly exit Factory Mode and get your Moto Watch back to its regular state without losing your important data.
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