Resolving Gmail Notification Issues on Moto 360

Resolving Gmail Notification Issues on Moto 360

If you're encountering challenges with Gmail notifications on your Moto 360, there are specific steps you can take to address the issue. Our technical team has thoroughly investigated and recommends the following solutions:

1. Adjust Gmail App Settings on Your Phone:
   - Open the Gmail app on your phone.
   - Navigate to settings and select the email address in question.
   - Ensure that inbox notifications are set to "Notify Once."

2. Check Wear OS App Notifications:
   - Open the Wear OS app on your phone.
   - Go to Notifications and select "Change watch notifications."
   - Verify that there are no apps under "recently notified" other than Gmail.
   - Sometimes, third-party email clients can cause duplicate notifications.

3. Investigate Duplicate Notifications:
   - When a duplicate notification appears on your watch, hold-press on it to get more details.
   - Check if the notification is categorized as a "new message" or "reminder."
   - If it's categorized as a reminder, toggle it off to disable it.

4. Review Phone Notification Settings:
   - Ensure your phone is not set to remind you of unread notifications, as these reminders will also be sent to the watch.

These steps should help optimize Gmail notifications on your Moto 360. If the issue persists or you encounter any other challenges, please feel free to reach out for further assistance. We're here to ensure you have a seamless experience with your smartwatch.
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