Resolving Google Play Services Error on Moto 360

Resolving Google Play Services Error on Moto 360

If you're encountering a Google Play services error on your Moto 360, a potential solution is to try using a personal Gmail account rather than a professional or work domain address.

For troubleshooting, we recommend the following steps:

1. Check Account Type: Ensure that you are using a personal Gmail account and not a professional or work domain address.
2. Update Wear OS: Make sure that your Moto 360 is running the latest version of Wear OS. Check for updates in the settings of your smartwatch.
3. Clear Cache and Data: Navigate to the "Apps" or "Applications" section in your Moto 360 settings. Find Google Play services and clear both the cache and data.
4. Reinstall Updates: Uninstall updates for Google Play services and reinstall them. You can do this in the settings under "Apps" or "Applications."
5. Check Internet Connection: Ensure that your smartwatch has a stable internet connection, as Google Play services may require a reliable connection to function properly.

If the issue persists, consider providing feedback by using a personal account and informing Google about the problem. Your feedback is valuable for the ongoing development of Wear OS. 
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