Securing Your Moto360: Adding a Trusted Device for Smart Lock

Securing Your Moto360: Adding a Trusted Device for Smart Lock

Enhance the security and convenience of your Moto360 smartwatch by setting it as a trusted device for Smart Lock. This feature enables your Moto360 to unlock your paired smartphone automatically when in close proximity, providing a seamless user experience. Follow this guide to add your Moto360 as a trusted device.

Adding Moto360 as a Trusted Device:

1. Navigate to the Settings icon from the application menu page on your paired smartphone.
2. Tap on Security, then select Smart Lock.
3. Enter your device's security credentials (pin, password, pattern, etc.) if prompted.
4. Choose the "Trusted Device" option within Smart Lock.
5. Select "Add Trusted Device" and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

By completing these steps, your Moto360 becomes a trusted device, allowing it to automatically unlock your smartphone when in close proximity. As long as the Moto360 is connected and within the specified distance (approximately 100m), your smartphone or tablet will remain unlocked.

Important Note:

- Corporate security policies on your phone may impact the availability of this feature. For instance, if your phone has work email accounts, access to this service may be restricted based on your organization's security policies.

Enhance the security and convenience of your Moto360 by leveraging the trusted device feature, ensuring a seamless and efficient unlocking experience for your paired smartphone.
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