Powering Down Your Moto Watch 100

Powering Down Your Moto Watch 100

To power off your Moto Watch 100, you have two convenient options:

Using the Quick Power Menu:

1. Long Press the Top Physical Button: Press and hold the top physical button for approximately 3 seconds until the "Quick Power Menu" appears on the watch screen.
2. Select Power Off: From the Quick Power Menu, locate and tap on the red "Power" icon. This will initiate the process to turn off your watch.

Using the Settings Menu:

1. Press the Top Physical Button: On your watch, press the top physical button to activate the display.
2. Access the Settings: Scroll through the options and select "Settings" from the menu.
3. Navigate to System: Inside the Settings menu, locate and tap on "System."
4. Select Shutdown: Within the System settings, choose "Shutdown." This will initiate the shutdown process for your Moto Watch 100.

By following these steps, you can easily power off your Moto Watch 100 using either the Quick Power Menu or the Settings menu, depending on your preference.

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