Troubleshooting Card Addition Issues on Moto 360

Troubleshooting Card Addition Issues on Moto 360

Experiencing difficulties while attempting to add a card to Google Pay on your Moto 360? Let's address specific issues with tailored solutions:

Can't Add a Card:
- Confirm that your card is supported by checking the list of participating banks and supported cards.
- Reach out to your bank for assistance or to inquire about card compatibility.

Encountering "Network Error" During Card Addition:
1. Ensure your phone is in close proximity to your Moto 360, and both devices have Bluetooth enabled.
2. Verify that your phone and Moto 360 have a stable internet connection, either through cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Card Automatically Removed Due to Screen Lock Removal:
- For security reasons, removing the screen lock on your watch deletes any cards added to Google Wallet. To re-add a card:
   1. Open Google Wallet on your watch.
   2. Add a screen lock to your watch.
   3. Re-add your card.

American Express Card Limitations:
- American Express may impose limits on the number of devices you can add your card to. If you encounter issues, follow these steps:
   1. Delete your card from old or unused devices.
   2. Attempt to set up the card again.
   3. If problems persist, contact American Express for further assistance.

These steps are designed to address specific challenges you might face when adding cards to Google Pay on your Moto 360. If you require additional support or encounter persisting issues, feel free to seek assistance. We're here to help you get the most out of your Moto 360 experience!

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