Troubleshooting GPS Issues on Your Smartwatch

Troubleshooting GPS Issues on Your Smartwatch

GPS is a valuable tool for tracking your routes and activities, but sometimes it can encounter issues. If you're facing problems with GPS on your smartwatch, follow these steps to resolve them:

1. Keep Your Watch Connected:
- Ensure your watch is connected to the Moto Wear app for at least 5 to 10 minutes before starting a workout. This allows your watch to sync its data effectively.

2. Update All Devices:
- Make sure your phone, watch, and the Moto Wear app are updated to their latest versions. Additionally, check that your phone's cellular and Wi-Fi networks are functioning properly. Verify that your paired watch is visible in the Moto Wear app and your phone's device list.

3. Allow Time for Location:
- GPS may take some time to pinpoint your location accurately. To address this, initiate an outdoor workout on your watch while you're warming up. This can lead to more precise route records.

4. Environmental Factors:
- Keep in mind that GPS signals can be influenced by environmental elements. Signal blockage from tall buildings, signal reflection from large bodies of water, or interference from metal objects can impact positioning speed and accuracy. For the best results, exercise in open areas with minimal obstructions to ensure a strong GPS signal for tracking your workout route.

5. Consider Your Strap:
- Metal straps can affect GPS positioning. If you're using a metal strap, consider taking your phone with you during outdoor workouts to enhance route mapping. Alternatively, opt for a non-metal strap like fluoroelastomer or leather for better GPS performance.

6. Check App Permissions:
- Confirm that you've granted location permission in the Moto Wear app and set it to "Always." This ensures the app can access your location data for GPS functionality.

Rest assured that we're continually working to enhance the GPS feature. Be sure to regularly update your watch, phone, and the Moto Wear app to their latest versions to benefit from these improvements.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot GPS issues and enjoy accurate route tracking on your smartwatch.

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