Google Assistant Glitch on Moto 360

Google Assistant Glitch on Moto 360

Encountering issues with Google Assistant on your Moto 360? Fret not; follow these steps for a potential resolution:

Step 1: Reboot Both Devices
- Watch and Smartphone: Initiate a reboot on both your Moto 360 and paired smartphone.
  - Watch Reboot: Navigate to Settings > Restart on your watch.

Step 2: Clear Google Play Services Data
- On Your Watch: Tap Settings > Apps and Notifications > See All Apps.
- Access Google Play Services: Locate and tap Google Play Services.
- Clear Data or Cache: Choose either Clear Cache or Clear Data to refresh Google Play Services.

Additional Tips:
- Check Connectivity: Ensure that your watch and smartphone are properly connected via Bluetooth.
- Software Updates: Confirm that both devices have the latest system updates installed.
- Language Settings: Confirm the language settings on both your watch and smartphone, ensuring they match.

Addressing Google Assistant glitches is a step-by-step process. These troubleshooting steps aim to restore seamless functionality. If challenges persist or further assistance is needed, our dedicated support team is ready to assist. Your satisfaction is our priority!
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