Troubleshooting Notifications Issue on Your Android Device with Motowatch 100

Troubleshooting Notifications Issue on Your Android Device with Motowatch 100

Notifications are a crucial aspect of your Motowatch 100 experience. They keep you informed and connected, but if you're facing problems receiving notifications, it can be quite frustrating. Don't worry; we've got some helpful steps to help you resolve this issue on your Android device.

From Your Phone:
1. Enable Bluetooth: First and foremost, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on and connected on your mobile phone. This is the primary channel through which your phone communicates with the Motowatch 100.
2. Check Silent Mode: Make sure you haven't enabled Silent Mode on your watch. When Silent Mode is active, you won't receive any notifications.
3. Phone Notification Bar: Verify that your phone's notification bar is functioning correctly and that you are indeed receiving notifications on your phone. If not, consider restarting your phone to address this issue.
4. Notification Access: In your phone settings, search for "Notification" and then "Notification access." Enable the Moto Wear app under Notification access. Additionally, make sure that "Only receive when the screen is off" is turned off. If this option is on, you might only receive app alerts when your phone screen is off.

From Your Watch:

1. Quick Settings: Swipe down from the watch face to access the quick settings. Check for a green link icon at the top of the screen. If it's red, re-pair your devices and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.

From the Moto Wear App:

1. Open the App: Launch the Moto Wear app on your Android device.
2. Access "My Devices": Go to "My Devices" within the app.
3. Reminders and Alert: Select your Moto Watch 100, and navigate to "Reminders and alerts."
4. Disable and Re-enable: Disable and then re-enable the app and call alerts.

Additional Steps:

1. Phone Settings: Visit your phone settings, find app notifications, toggle off and on the necessary settings. After doing this, reboot your phone and restart the Moto Wear app.

2. Factory Reset: If all else fails, you can try performing a factory reset on your watch and then pair it with your phone again.

Please note that, as an Android user, you might not receive notifications for certain "low-priority" messages. These notifications are determined by the application and cannot be modified by us. These low-priority notifications often pertain to non-urgent information like "weather updates" or "downloading updates."

By following these steps, you should be able to address the notification issues on your Motowatch 100, ensuring that you stay connected and informed as intended.
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