Understanding Sleep Tracking on the Moto Watch 70

Understanding Sleep Tracking on the Moto Watch 70

Your Moto Watch 70 offers automated sleep tracking capabilities, providing valuable insights into your sleep patterns. Here's what you need to know about sleep tracking with your watch:

Automatic Tracking:
- Your Moto Watch 70 will automatically track your sleep while you wear it during your restful moments.

Sleep Tracking Timing:
- Sleep tracking occurs within the time frame set in the Moto Watch Lite App. By default, the sleep duration is recorded between 12:00 am (midnight) and 8:00 am.

Data Calculation:
- After you wake up, your watch will process your sleep data and present your sleep stages on the sleep widget. This process may take up to one hour to complete.

Proper Wear:
- To ensure accurate sleep data, it's essential to wear your watch correctly. Follow these guidelines for proper wear:
   - Position the watch with at least one finger's width below your wrist bone to enable the optical heart rate and sleep sensors to function accurately.
   - Maintain contact between the back of the watch and your wrist, preventing light from escaping the sensor. Avoid overtightening the strap or band.

Skin Sensitivity and Allergies:
- If you have sensitive skin or allergies to materials in the watch, take the necessary precautions to prevent discomfort.

Additional Guidelines:
1. Avoid excessive bending of the strap or band, as this may harm your watch.
2. Refrain from bracing your watch against your body or any hard surfaces, such as a table.

Travel Considerations:
- When sleeping during transit, like on a bus or train, the vehicle's movement can impact recorded sleep data. Movements while sleeping, such as turning over or unintentional touches on the watch screen, may register as wake-up times based on detected movements.

Troubleshooting Sleep Tracking:
- If you encounter issues with sleep tracking, consider these steps:
   1. Ensure both your watch and the Moto Watch Lite app are running the latest software versions.
   2. Keep in mind that environmental conditions and skin factors, including tattoos, can affect tracking effectiveness.

By following these guidelines, you can make the most of your Moto Watch 70's sleep tracking feature, gaining valuable insights into your sleep quality and patterns.
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