Understanding Step Tracking on Moto Watch 100

Understanding Step Tracking on Moto Watch 100

When it comes to step tracking on the Moto Watch 100, it's important to note that there isn't an option to personalize the step distance. This is because the watch employs a wrist-based pedometer to accurately capture your steps.

The pedometer within the watch operates by continuously sensing your body's movements using a 3-axis accelerometer. It diligently records this data as long as the watch is worn and powered up. This means that the tracker can discern whether you're walking, running, or even standing still.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, our device undergoes rigorous testing alongside foot-based trackers. This process helps us fine-tune our step tracking algorithms, ensuring that you receive the most precise results in a wide range of scenarios.

Rest assured that your Moto Watch 100 is designed to deliver accurate and reliable step tracking, without the need for user customization. It's a valuable tool to help you keep tabs on your daily activity and fitness goals.
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