Using Sleep Monitoring on the Moto Watch 100

Using Sleep Monitoring on the Moto Watch 100

The Moto Watch 100 offers sleep monitoring capabilities, allowing you to gain insights into your sleep patterns and habits. Here's how you can make use of this feature:

What Moto Watch 100 Can Monitor:

Sleep monitoring on the Moto Watch 100 provides information on various aspects of your sleep, including:

1. Sleep Duration: It tracks the number of hours you slept.
2. Sleep Phases: It measures the duration of each sleep phase, including Awake, Light Sleep, REM Sleep, and Deep Sleep.
3. Sleep Quality: Your sleep quality is determined by the time spent in each sleep phase. Frequent interruptions during sleep can affect your sleep quality.

Accessing Sleep Tracking on the Watch:

- Using the Watch:
   - From the watch's home page, scroll to the right three times.
   - You will see your sleep data, which displays how long each sleep cycle lasted for your last night's sleep.

Accessing Sleep Tracking on the Moto Watch App:

- Using the Moto Watch App:
   - Open the Moto Watch app on your mobile device.
   - At the bottom of the app, tap on "Sleep."
   - Here, you can view:
     - The total hours slept.
     - Your sleep score and depth of sleep.
     - Average blood oxygen level (SPO2) during sleep hours.
     - Your sleep goals, which you can customize for different days of the week.
   - Scroll down to access your sleep history and detailed sleep log.

By following these steps, you can easily access and monitor your sleep data using the Moto Watch 100 and its dedicated app. This information can be valuable for evaluating and improving your sleep patterns and overall well-being.
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