Using the Oxygen Blood Tracking (SPO2) Feature on Moto Watch 100

Using the Oxygen Blood Tracking (SPO2) Feature on Moto Watch 100

Measuring your blood oxygen level (SPO2) is an important health metric, and your Moto Watch 100 makes it easy to do. Here's how to access and use the SPO2 meter:

1. Activate the Watch:
   - Press the top key to wake up your Moto Watch's display.

2. Access the SPO2 Meter:
   - Scroll through the available options on the watch.

3. Select SPO2:
   - Tap on "SPO2" to initiate the blood oxygen measurement.

4. Measurement in Progress:
   - You should see a message that says "Measuring..." as the watch begins the SPO2 measurement.

5. Wait Patiently:
   - Allow a minute for the watch to complete the measurement. During this time, the watch is assessing your blood oxygen level.

6. Review Your Results:
   - After a minute, your blood oxygen level will be displayed on the screen. A healthy range for most people is typically between 95% and 100%. If your reading falls below 95%, it's advisable to monitor your levels at various times during the day. Consistently low readings may warrant a visit to a healthcare professional.

Keep in mind that while pulse oximeters, like the one on your Moto Watch 100, are useful tools for tracking SPO2 levels, they may not always provide 100% accuracy. If you have concerns about your blood oxygen levels, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider for a comprehensive evaluation.

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