Viewing Your Heart Rate on the Moto Watch 100

Viewing Your Heart Rate on the Moto Watch 100

Your Moto Watch 100 keeps a continuous track of your heart rate, offering valuable insights into your health and well-being. To check your heart rate, simply follow these straightforward steps:

On Your Watch:

1. Activate the Display:
   - Tilt your wrist or tap the top physical button to wake up your Moto Watch's display.

2. Access the Heart Rate Widget:
   - Swipe left or right from the watch face until you reach the Heart Rate widget.

3. View Heart Rate Data:
   - The Heart Rate widget will display a graph of your heart rate over the past 12 hours, along with your highest and lowest heart rates for the day.

Using the Moto Watch App on Your Mobile Device:

1. Activate the Display:
   - Tilt your wrist or tap the top physical button to wake up your watch's display.

2. Access the Application List:
   - From the watch face, tap the top physical button again to open the application list.

3. Select "Heart Rate:
   - Scroll down and tap on "Heart Rate" to view your heart rate data.

Additional Tips:

- Ensure a Snug Fit: Make sure your Moto Watch 100 strap is comfortably snug. The heart rate sensor is located on the watch's back and should have direct contact with your skin without obstruction or coverage.
- Tattoo Considerations: Note that in some cases, tattoos may interfere with the heart rate sensor's accuracy. If you encounter issues, try placing the watch where there are no tattoos for optimal readings.

By following these simple steps, you can easily access and monitor your heart rate data for a better understanding of your health and fitness.

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