What to Do When Your Moto Watch Displays a Rocket Ship During Firmware Update

What to Do When Your Moto Watch Displays a Rocket Ship During Firmware Update

When updating the firmware on your Moto Watch, you may encounter a peculiar sight – a rocket ship on the screen. This iconic symbol signifies a crucial stage in the firmware update process. It's important to note that this step occurs twice during the update, and monitoring its progress is essential. You can keep track of it through the progress bar within your Moto Watch app.

To ensure the smooth completion of this update phase, please follow these key recommendations:

1. Stable Bluetooth Connection: Make sure that the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the watch remains stable throughout the process.
2. Proximity: Keep your Moto Watch and your phone within close proximity, just a few feet or meters apart.
3. Watch Reboot: Be prepared for the watch to automatically reboot after it has received the firmware file.

This particular step might take a few minutes. However, if you notice that the progress bar has halted for an extended period, or if the rocket ship remains on the screen, follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Long Press and Reboot: Long-press the top button for 30 seconds until the watch powers off. Then, long-press the top button again to turn the display back on.
2. Check Bluetooth Connection: Confirm that your watch is properly connected via Bluetooth to your device and is listed within the Moto Watch App.
3. Retry the Update: Attempt the firmware update once more from the app.

If, after following these steps, your Moto Watch still displays the rocket ship, please repeat the process one more time.

In the event that you've followed all the above steps and your watch persists in displaying the rocket ship, don't hesitate to take the following actions:

- Submit a Support Ticket: Utilize the "submit a request" option below or engage in a chat with our support team. Our team members are here to provide you with personalized assistance.

Note: If your watch is linked to multiple accounts or devices, or if multiple watches have been associated with your account, kindly contact our support team through the "submit a request" option for further guidance.

This revised article provides clear and concise instructions for dealing with the rocket ship screen during a Moto Watch firmware update, with added troubleshooting steps and support options for users.
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