Your Comprehensive Guide to Activity Tracking with Moto Watch 70

Your Comprehensive Guide to Activity Tracking with Moto Watch 70

The Moto Watch 70 is your ideal companion for tracking a wide range of activities, whether you're indoors or outdoors. It harnesses advanced PPG and motion sensors to provide accurate tracking of your movements and physical endeavors. Here's a comprehensive overview:

Diverse Activity Options:
Moto Watch 70 offers a remarkable selection of 23 distinct activities for tracking.

Starting an Activity:
1. Access the menu widget and select "Activity."
2. Choose one of the twenty-three activity modes. A brief 3-second countdown will initiate.
3. After the countdown, your selected activity begins, and the watch starts tracking.

Real-Time Activity Tracking:
- While engaged in an activity, you'll see a stopwatch displayed at the top of the screen, along with real-time data pertinent to your activity.

Data Overview:
- For example, during "Outdoor Running," you'll receive data on Steps, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, and Pace (min/km). Please note that the data may span multiple screens. Use the "Down" or "Up" arrow icon to navigate between pages and view additional data alongside the stopwatch timer.

Additional Activities in Moto Watch Lite App:
- The Moto Watch Lite app offers two additional activities: Running (mobile) and Cycling (mobile). You can set these within the app on your mobile device.

Managing Activity:
- To pause an activity, press the physical button or swipe left on the screen. You can then press the "Play" icon to resume the activity.
- To end an activity, press the "Stop" icon. If the activity is too short or has collected minimal data, the watch will prompt "Insufficient data collected." You can choose to stop and end the activity or resume and continue.
- After completing an activity, you can review the data on the watch screen. Swipe left to return to the activity menu, or press the physical button to return to the menu widget.

Data Synchronization:
- The Moto Watch 70 automatically syncs activity data with the Moto Watch Lite app. You can view your activity logs in the "Health Data" section of the app. Please note that if you perform a factory reset before data synchronization, the data may not be displayed in the app.

Moto Watch 70 empowers you with a variety of activity tracking options, real-time data, and a seamless process for monitoring and reviewing your physical pursuits.
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