Crucial Water Damage Prevention Guidelines

Crucial Water Damage Prevention Guidelines

While your watch is designed to be water-resistant, it's important to understand that it is not impervious to damage. To prevent any potential issues, please adhere to these guidelines:

  1. After your watch gets wet, gently dry it with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Avoid exposing the watch straps to excessively wet conditions, as this may lead to skin irritation. Ensure the straps are dry before wearing the smartwatch.
  3. Do not subject the watch to water at high-pressure levels.
  4. Keep in mind that water resistance may decrease if the watch is dropped or experiences a significant impact.
  5. Steer clear of sudden, extreme temperature changes and high-impact activities, as falls and shocks can compromise the watch's structural integrity.
  6. Please note that the watch is not suitable for scuba diving.
  7. Be aware that the touchscreen and other features may not function correctly if the watch is submerged in water or other liquids.
  8. In case the watch is exposed to water, promptly dry it with a soft cloth to remove as much moisture as possible.
  9. It's essential to avoid attempting to drive moisture or water out of your watch through heating methods. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or other intense heat sources.
  10. Do not shake, drop, or impact your watch if it has been exposed to water. The watch is already damaged, and trying to remove excess water by shaking can worsen the damage."

These guidelines are crucial for maintaining the functionality and longevity of your water-resistant watch.

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